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Previous Roasts

Curious about the different roast varieties we've made in the past? Check out the beans below!

All our beans are fair trade, ethically and sustainably grown, harvested, and supplied. Our beans are lovingly packaged in biodegradable bags made in the USA.

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Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo

Full City+. Dark chocolate, cacao, with a mild sweetness.

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Sumatra Aceh Jagong Jeget

Bittersweet, Pipe Tobacco, Dark Roast. Inky Body.


Papua New Guinea Obura-Wonenara, Obi-Wan Kenobi

Earth-toned, fruited sweetness, like palm sugar, black fig, prune, and an indistinct tropical aspect. Great for Cold Brew. 


Peru San Ignacio El Horcon

Underlying cocoa flavors, and roasted nut notes.


Brazil Yellow Bourbon: Full City+

Brazil Dry Process - Santa Luzia - Yellow Bourbon. Brazil coffees are solid, crowd-pleasing coffees with outstanding body, and nut-to-chocolate roast tones.


Ethiopia Loya Co-Op Light Roast

Subdued, succinct refined sugar sweetness, honey suckle aromatics, lavender herbal tea, and a clean finish.


Ethiopia Yukiro Cooperative


Honduras Gregorio Martinez Pacas Cultivar

Rwanda Karongi Nyarubuye Station

The coffee exhibits a sound base of dark sugary sweetness from aromatics on into the brewed coffee, almond brittle candy, caramel pudding, cardamom spice, and aromatic wood. 

El Salvador Matalapa Tablon Calagual

Green tea note, caramel sweetness, nutty roast tones, big bittersweet chocolate, orange rind twist finish. Dark Roast.

Ethiopia Agaro Duromina Cooperative

Full City

Intense cup profile. Honey and Peach notes. Nectarine, orange marmalade, fruit infused green tea. Floral aroma.


Kenya AA Eh? Medium Roast

Made with Orange Julius drink, cherry and pineapple juices, citrus glaze notes, cranberry sauce, grape and red tropical punch accents. 


Costa Rica Roger Solis

Costa Rica Helsar Asdrubal Chavez

Asdrubal Chavez' coffee is restrained, sturdy, with balanced sweet/bittersweetness: toasted hazelnut, almond scone, roasted malt, cacao, chocolate sponge cake. 

Ethiopia Dry Process Yirgacheffe Janbar

Intense, fruited, sweet, mixed fruit jams, lychee, apricot nectar, tea-liked, jasmine floral accents.

India Ratnagiri Pearl Mountain Peaberry

Sweet/savory, and bittersweet aspects are at the core of this Peaberry. Dark cacao and baking cocoa, hazelnut chocolate, burned sugar, Thai basil, and opaque body. Medium/dark roast.

Sumatra Wet Processed Gunung Gayo

Incredibly unique washed Sumatra, burned sugar, apple, black currant, fruited acidity, clean finish. City+.

Honduras Organic Belen La Lesquiñada

Harnesses a mix of high percent of cacao bar and a tropical fruit accents.

Full City.


Brazil Yellow Bourbon

With raw sugar, roasted nut notes, sweet thai peanut sauce, layered dark cocoa, and a hefty body, it is our darkest roast and a favored bean. 


Honduras Buenos Aires Lote Mendez

Burundi Kiganda Murambi

Peanut butter vibes, sweet with dark chocolate notes, makes an amazing cold brew. 

Guatemala Acatenango Gesha Lot #209

Lot #209 has "fresh" aromatics, jasmine and gardenia florals, pearl and Assam tea, clean sugar sweetness, lemon water, mandarin orange, bubble gum, and peach hard candy.

Honduras Organic Belen La Lesquiñada

Harnesses a mix of high percent of cacao bar and a tropical fruit accents.

Kenya AA

Mahiga shows both tart and dark fruit undertones and is juicy, notes of floral blueberry, grape and cranberry juices, dark orange, blackberry juice, along with tart acidity, and spiced finish. Full City.


Did you fall in love with one of our beans, and want us to make more for you? Let us know! 

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